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Log Shell Fabrication

Our most common and recommended log building technique is the four-point saddle notch with “shrink-to-fit over-scribed lateral” and a “relief kerf cut”.  This notch is especially designed to use with green logs.  A very similar notch was used centuries ago in various regions of Europe and rediscovered and developed by Del Radomske about 20 years ago. Nowadays it is recognized worldwide for its quality, long term durability and tight fit.  There are hundreds of different so-called saddle notches offered today. Don’t be confused — take a look at houses built 5–10 years ago by companies you are considering for hire and you will see what you get for your money!

The 4-Point Saddle Notch:

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Our log shell package usually includes:

  • Purchasing of logs — handpicked, green pine or spruce logs with 14"–20" butts from local woodlots
  • Hand peeling of logs (smooth clean drawknife look)
  • One undercoat of stain (Cetol 1 Natural or specified by owner)
  • Construction of the log shell on our site using the 4-point Saddle Notch with the shrink-to-fit lateral
  • A kerf relief cut on all wall logs with wedges at 3 ft.
  • All ceiling and balcony beams according to design
  • A log truss or log post and purlin roof system according to design
  • All cut outs for exterior door and window openings with 45 degree bevel cut, trimmed and sanded including slot cuts ready to receive T-studs for the pre- fabricated doors and windows
  • All archways in center log walls cut, trimmed and sanded
  • All outside corner work with rounded flaired cuts, trimmed and sanded
  • All framed partition logs cut and trimmed into log walls
  • All electrical and plumbing holes pre-drilled
  • All outlets and switch boxes in log walls cut out, trimmed and sanded
  • All glass fiber batt insulation for between the logs
  • Sill sealer under first round, wooden dowels, wedges, ready rod, nuts and washers, etc., and all necessary fasteners according to design
  • All labor for re-assembly and finishing the log work on the foundation site
Raw log delivery
Second round
Second round
third round
Lock notch.
Special notch for cantilever beams
Lock notch
Rough notching - 7th round
Upside down spliced saddle notch
Ceiling beam
Log shell before loading
Setting up first round at foundation site
Crew after assembly at foundation site
Log finishing
work at
foundation site
System assembly
Peter scribing the next round

The log shell package does not include costs for transportation from our worksite to the foundation.