Quality custom designed and handcrafted log and timberframe homes and commercial projects

Questions …

The most common question … How much?

  • The log shell price can fluctuate depending on the design and layout and can be anywhere between $45 and $65 per sq. ft. Before you shop around, we strongly recommend you work out a proper design with an exact list of logs, what finishing features you want included and what type of notch system you prefer.
  • Our design rate is $45.00/hr (Cdn). For a more extended design and consulting service, a percentage rate will be calculated based on the pre-estimated project costs.
  • The finished log house price is usually 3 times as much as the log shell price and again can fluctuate quite a bit depending on design, quality and type of products you choose.

Why green logs?

  • With green logs you can control and localize the shrinking cracks, also called “relief cracks”
  • Green logs settle into place better, especially with the over-scribe technique. They settle and wedge together and the sharp notch and lateral edges bite deeper into the wood underneath
  • Green logs are easier to cut and form and the result is a smoother finish
  • Dry logs are pre-checked and harder to work with (rougher scribe lines and cutting edges)

How long does it take to build the log shell?

  • You should allow 4 weeks for a small house or cabin (500sqft) and 6-8 weeks for a mid-size house (800-1500sqft)

What are the benefits of Log and Timber Homes?

  • Logs and Timbers are the best choice for your home of tomorrow

SOLID WOOD – the perfect building material in the past and for the future.

  • A good foundation for a natural and healthy living environment
  • Ecological, renewable and sustainable
  • Very high structural strength, is durable and easy to shape and to work with
  • Good thermal value and a high thermal mass potential
  • Positive acoustical properties
  • Important psychological benefits
  • Natural indoor climate regulator and also does not disturb the natural electrical magnetic fields
  • “WOOD is a living, breathing material with natural colours, scents, grains, and textures. It endures for centuries, maintaining our links with tradition and with nature, and grows more beautiful with age”.

Do Log or Timber Homes have enough R-value (Insulation-value)?

  • Yes, if the mid-diameter of the wall logs is 12" or bigger and providing there is a tight fit of the log and finishing work.
  • For a solid 8" Timber wall we recommend an additional interior wall paneling system for a higher performance.

Thermal Envelope Analysis
Example 14" diameter log wall

Inside air film
11½" solid wood (14" log wall)
½" insulation
Outside air film
Total R-value
High-mass R-value for northern climate zone
Compared R-value for a standard 2×6 wall

Note: the high-mass R-value does “not” consider or include:

  • The solar temperature gain on east, south, west side
  • The R-value of wood increases at lower temperature
  • The fact that the heat flow through logs does not travel the shortest distance through wall

In short this means a solid log or timber wall, even so having a 30 percent lower numerical R-value per inch, can easily match or outperform the thermal properties of an standard insulated frame wall.